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  • Joana Filipa Simoes

Where the Hell Have You Been, Loca?

I started my adventure with Metal and the Geek years ago. I quickly gained a following on my blog, and had a great time reviewing books and making friends, but my mental health nose dived and I had a hard time finding motivation for anything. The past couple of years were exceptionally tough on me, but I am grateful that I made it through, and I am here.

It's hard to put into words what I've struggled with so for now, I won't. All we need to cover right now is that I am back. I am back to review books, talk music, and just have a home for all my geeky nonsense. I missed being able to sit down and write about my thoughts and this feels like the right time to make my return to blogging.

The world has become a scary place, and I think we all need to find joy wherever we can. I am reading and writing a lot more lately and that feels wonderful. I spent a couple of years where I couldn't seem to put any of my thoughts into words and now here I am, writing a blog entry, writing poems, essays, and stories. To say that I am proud of myself at the moment would be an understatement.

I will be posting soon about some other little adventures that I plan to have, and I really hope you will join me. I missed this and I missed all of you.

I am back, and this time for good.

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